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All procedures were performed by Dr. Sam Naficy and some clients may have had more than one surgical procedure performed. The text accompanying the pictures describes the details of the treatments carried out. How is a face lift performed? Incisions are usually made around the ears, in the temple, and behind the ears.

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Older face lift methods did not include this important step of attending to the much deeper layers and the results were not as natural or lasting. After sufficient tightening up of the much deeper layers, the skin is redraped and excess skin is thoroughly trimmed and meticulously sutured along the incision lines. This leads to improvement of the laxity of the jaw-line and shape of the neck.

After sufficient tightening of the deeper structures, excess skin is removed from both sides and the cuts are carefully fixed. Dr. Naficy uses the most precise strategy and the finest sutures for closure of his incisions, which in many individuals will typically fade to a hardly noticeable thin line. The pictures listed below programs pictures of healed cuts of face and neck lifts carried out by Dr.

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During the very first few weeks, the incisions will be more noticeable and might require coverage with hair or use of concealers for much better camouflage. What method is best for me? Maybe one of the most complicated aspects of facial surgery for clients is the terms used by doctors and patients to describe various face lift strategies.

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A lot of the doctors using face lift surgical treatment are not trained as surgeons! They may be skin specialists, oral cosmetic surgeons, or eye doctors. Make sure that you are “comparing apples with apples”. As a basic rule, treatments that are shorter, less invasive, and much easier to perform, also result in a more limited degree of enhancement.

Dr. Naficy is experienced in all modern strategies of facial surgical treatment and constantly customized customizes the procedure to the specific requirements of the patient. Keep in mind, not all faces are developed equal and no single technique can be reliable in all people seeking facial rejuvenation surgical treatment. What is the very best age to have a face lift? One of the biggest questions our clients ask is about timing of this treatment.

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